kyrie eleison, christe eleison

“I was not sure how all of the experiences of the last few years would translate into music. There have been so many things to look at and describe. This record is part confessional, part euphoric love poem, bitter separation and part benediction. It was born out of many experiences and conversations between addicts, failures, […]

things i hate

(this list is dedicated to you-know-who-you-are) How Michael Bay movies make my head feel.  Indifference (including my own) to suffering.  Legalism.  People cracking their knuckles.  Being misunderstood.  Slow drivers.  Any movie with Megan Fox in it.  Horror movies.  Vampire Weekend.  Jim Bianco.  Any novel by Jim Conrad.  Jar Jar Binks and how he ruined Star Wars. Greek epics, actually reading them.  They’re crazy boring […]

how i’m raising my children…

Important spiritual conversation from this past Monday afternoon in Mitch’s office: Mitch:  So what are you going to teach your future children about the Easter bunny? Me: What do you mean? Mitch:  Are you going to celebrate the Easter bunny?  What are you going to tell them about him? Me: Um… probably that the Easter […]