how i’m raising my children…

Important spiritual conversation from this past Monday afternoon in Mitch’s office:

Mitch:  So what are you going to teach your future children about the Easter bunny?

Me: What do you mean?

Mitch:  Are you going to celebrate the Easter bunny?  What are you going to tell them about him?

Me: Um… probably that the Easter bunny is actually a pagan sign of fertility dating back from the Holy Roman Empire.

Mitch:  <shakes his head>  Okay, what about Easter egg hunts?  Are you going to let them paint eggs or go hunt for Easter eggs?

Me:  Are these eggs from free-range local heritage chickens?

Mitch:  Oh, geez.

<end scene>



One thought on “how i’m raising my children…

  1. i can picture you guys having this conversation. i’m with mitch…shaking my head and rolling my eyes…haha

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