Thanks, all my fellow TV aficionados.

My friend Walter obnoxiously insists that he take public credit for igniting my recent interest in the show The West Wing.  (Which is freakin’ awesome by the way.  It makes me want to quit my life and run some rising senator’s campaign in his bid for the presidency).

Anyway, it’s really indirect credit, since Jeanne is the one who actually encouraged me to watch the show and has watched multiple episodes with me.  But I suppose since Walt is the reason Jeanne watched the show in the first place, he claims this honor as his birthright.

A kind of TV-watching lineage, if you will.

In honor of him and all of my friends who have led me out of the darkness into the marvelous light of quality TV, I have dedicated this entry to celebrating my friends and family who have introduced me to my various beloved shows over the years.

24 – Top honors has to go to Kevin McClure, freshman year of college at UF.  I walked into the common area of my dorm hall and Kevin was sitting there front and center, his eyes glued to the television.  I had never even heard of Jack Bauer before but I slung my backpack down and ate my takeout food whilst seeing Jack emotionally tell his daughter Kim over the phone that yes, he was the only one who could fly the time-ticking, red LED flashing nuclear bomb out of the city of L.A. into the Mojave desert and detonate it there, thus saving the world once again.

I kid you not, I was bawling while watching that scene with Kim on the phone conversation with Jack.

You know the one.

Michelle Bellville–my roommate from senior year–gets honorable mention for helping re-ignite my interest in Season 4 after I had slacked off in my Bauer-devotion, erroneously believing my favorites Tony and Michelle to have permanently left the show.  It sure was fun watching Jack stop kidnapping of the Secretary of Defense, nuclear power plant meltdowns, theft of an override, unsuccessful stop the attack on Air Force One, theft of the football, theft of a nuclear warhead and detonation of a nuclear warhead all in one day.

LOST – And the award goes to… Michelle Bellville.  I thought LOST was a serialized version of Survivor and had avoided such pop culture nonsense at all costs.  Fortunately for me, I watched the Season 2 premiere with her in our new apartment and was inevitably sucked into the world of polar bears, smoke monsters and mind-bending time travel.

Dexter – Jeanne Cannon, bff for life.  This show is actually one of the foundational elements in our friendship.  I thought she was slightly insane for going on and on about this incredible show about a serial killer who kills other killers.  I remember sitting with her and Tiff in P.F. Changs at Millennia while she enumerated all of the reasons why I should watch this show.  I said (and I quote) that she had “a black heart,” but proceeded to dedicate multiple blog entries once I finally forayed into the mind of Dexter Morgan.

The Office – Steven Portman, who I don’t even talk to anymore.  What’s up with that, Steve?

Firefly – Matt Zeller.  Also we were nerds together and met Nathan Fillion a.k.a. Captain Malcom Reynolds at the FX comic convention a couple of years ago.  (Did I just admit that out loud?)

GLEE – the sister.  She’s responsible for about 80% of my love for anything that reeks of musical.  (I’ll throw Wicked and Spring Awakening in here for good measure, even though they’re different mediums).  Honorable mentions go to Kate Lynch and Sonny Vong for piquing my interest more.

Felicity – I’d have to say stellar marketing and the sister again are responsible for this.  Tina Kmiec is responsible for a recent re-ignition of that love, but this was definitely just a high school student succumbing to the powers of advertisement.  The WB and J.J. Abrams tricked me into thinking college would be just like Felicity.  Then again, he also tricked me into thinking a flight from Sydney to L.A. would land me on a tropical island with a shirtless Sawyer.  Oh, J.J. how you play with my heart.

Arrested Development – Gary Giaimo.  After multiple attempts to see past the unappealing self-absorption of the Bluth family in the pilot episodes, I powered through the first 2 episodes at the behest of my good friend Gary and find myself absolutely in love with the Bluths and all of their ridiculous antics.  It only took me 4 years.

Brothers and Sisters – The sister again!  And Michelle Diamond gets a ribbon because she helped give us roomies all a reason to stay up until an ungodly hour to see the latest happenings of the Walker family.  Although thanks to The West Wing, now I’m not sure I can watch Rob Lowe not be Sam Seaborn anymore.

Prison Break – Michelle Bellville again.  This girl is responsible to bringing lots of beautiful, tattooed convicts into my life.  Unfortunately, none of them are real.

Better off Ted – Oscar and Jodie Cortez.  This is a recent appreciation.  Why was this show canceled?!  Boo, ABC.

Who got you into YOUR shows?

Oh, and thanks for the DVDs, Walt.


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