cold war

today, you exploded.


and, collapsing into your ancient heart,

you resound and fill imagination

a rush of light and wind


cold and beautiful from afar.


will hope emanate

pouring forth

an endless stream

a rainstorm of light


or will you fall into darkness

destroying everything in its path

and by consuming

be consumed

like a supermassive

eternal tornado?


what happens to some

those souls who are stretched

is we became ghosts

kept and enclosed

wretched and hiding

and fighting and writhing



we endlessly murder

and lie and conceal

while quiet overtures to reveal

are pushed away

slapped away

chased away.


fragments are fine–

they’re portable

but isn’t that the curse of the age?

to fight convenience

to fight demand

is a lonely war

with no one to command and

no one to  ever bear that weighty banner.


there is not one

but many tiny berlin walls

locked inside this heart

a chain link labyrinth

there’s a facedown

a staredown

of the tiny soldiers

and all my selves are made of metal.


i’m thinking of just razing the whole lot.



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