Night of Prayer and Worship @ Real Life

This past Sunday, our church came together in an incredible night of prayer and worship.  We had a band from each campus come together for a worship gathering.  All I can say is that the night felt electric.  I admit I was caught off guard at how loud and passionately people were singing out to God.

As part of the event, we were recording the worship recording for our bi-weekly television slot on TV 45.  Our Communications Director Whitney Sewell captured some great photos of the evening on camera.  I also took a couple behind the scenes ones on instagram.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stoked because my ukulele is going to get his first television debut.  I’m excited for my little faithful wooden buddy.

I have to be honest and admit when I first learned our church was going to be on television each week, I was skeptical and even  a bit disconcerted.  I am (still) cautious of putting ourselves in a position where media/lights/AV production overtakes the worship experience; however, I am slowly recognizing and accepting what a powerful tool TV can be for reaching people for Christ.  We’re already hearing stories come in of people giving their lives to Christ or being deeply encouraged or changed, and we’ve only been airing for a couple of weeks.

I’ve definitely been convicted and humbled a lot over the past couple of weeks in my own attitude.  I’m an idealist and a perfectionist and so when things around me could be better or more genuine or more Christ-centered I tend to get all righteously indignant, which quickly corrupts and devolves into chronic (and might I add, sinful) frustration and pride.  And then I tend to have blindspots toward my own character flaws in the process.

Working for a church continues to be an incredible character furnace for me.  Refinement.

I’m thankful to be serving at a church that is in forward motion in terms of the gospel going out and taking root in people’s lives.  And it continues to be a privilege to be part of a team that is genuine and passionate in the work of the kingdom.

Anyway, if you have Brighthouse Network, we’re supposedly on the air Saturday nights at 10:30 and Sunday morning at 9 a.m. on channel 19. However, seriously people… if you’re gonna watch church on TV on Sunday morning, this is me telling you… get up, get out of your house and be the church.  Fo’ reals.

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