my book/movie reviews

The boyfriend and I had a movie fest over the weekend. I watched a classic zombie film (George Romero’s original Dawn of the Dead from 1978), a not-so-classic vampire movie (Interview with the Vampire) and the new biopic by Clint Eastwood “J. Edgar,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

I was not impressed with Dawn of the Dead. A couple of distractions are at the root of this, namely the fact that all the zombies were sporting chalky blue makeup. Also, the cheesy-lame-a-cious movie score the entire time. I enjoyed his black and white 1968 Night of the Living Dead much more. There was more suspense and tension and build-up in the 1968 one.

Interview with the Vampire: Seriously, Kirsten Dunst’s finest acting role. And she was like 7 years old. Well, I have yet to see this year’s Melancholia so I’ll hold off on that accolade for now. Tom Cruise is crazy. But we already knew that.

“J. Edgar” was an interesting look into the guy who invented the FBI. Apparently he was into cross-dressing as well as scooping up Communist radicals, collecting dirt on sitting Presidents and being jealous of the Jack Bauers of the day who actually went around capturing gangsters. Oh, and he’s a super nerd and is really into organizing libraries. The makeup they used to make Leo look old was actually pretty good.

I don’t know why I’m making a big deal about the make-up in my assessment… It’s not normally a make or break point for me but I guess it is in this case.

Now, onto books.

Also finished I am Legend by Richard Matheson. The end was kind of a let down, but mostly because I thought I still had 75 more pages to go, and it turns out the second half of the book was devoted to additional short stories by Matheson that were not advertised on the cover. I felt like I was cheated. Completely different from the film version.

I’m also working my way through King’s Cross by Tim Keller for a second time and thumbing through Fast Food Nation and Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” How and why I eat food has been bothering me again so I’m re-evaluating.

I put Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close off to the side for a bit but I might pick that up this week…


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