meals of late

John and I did some cooking this past weekend.  Since this weekend was an interesting food weekend, I figured I’d update.  For Jeanne’s bridal shower, I was initially stressed out because I was in charge of the food.  We knew we were having ChickFila nuggets since Jeanne loves them so much but I was in charge of fruit and veggies and didn’t want to resort to a plate of celery with cheddar cheese cubes.  After weeks of coming up dry, I realized who I was making food for (duh!) and I wised up.

The menu included:  kalamata olive tapenade, sliced parmesan and Spanish Manchego cheese, storebought hummus (I was a bit lazy and also John doesn’t have a food processor), fresh baguette slices for dipping, a fresh fruit salad (I cut out the cantaloupe and honey dew melon since nobody likes that anyway and did apples, peaches, grapes, pineapple and strawberry in a light lemon and honey syrup sauce),  and last but definitely not least, this amazing kale salad from this blog that I recently started following.  The kale salad was a hit (everybody’s trying to eat healthy and counting points and calories, so that probably helped!).  I also had a sorbet bellini with peach nectar which was delicious.

Since the kale salad was for the ladies only, John wanted to sample it himself so we ended up making the salad again the day after to go with some heirloom tomato quinoa.  I liked the dark red color of the quinoa and found that it actually went really well tossed in with the kale salad.  The color and texture of the quinoa was a nice addition.

Also, yesterday we went to Lucas’ parents’ house after stopping by my parents’ for some lunch.  Dad had whipped up some veggie pizza the night before topped with eggplant, squash, onions, mushrooms and ricotta (amazing) and then a vegetarian frittata with many of the same vegetables.  I was very appreciative that he specifically made vegetarian cuisine and I told him that.  Super Bowl night at their house should be interesting… I should probably figure out something to make for that.  Later that afternoon at the Snyders’ house, they were serving up salad, cornbread and chili.  Since we had already eaten, we didn’t have any but I did have some Red Stripe and sampled some of the grilled oysters (see, I’m not a real vegetarian) that Lucas’ dad was making out in the backyard.

I had only ever had fried oysters on a Po’ Boy, so this was a new experience.  They served them up simply, just on a piece of Saltine cracker with either melted butter or cocktail sauce.  I was convinced I wouldn’t like it (John doesn’t like oysters and didn’t want any), but I found them actually very enjoyable.  They were definitely slimy so I can understand why somebody wouldn’t like it based on texture alone.  I think I preferred the melted butter over the cocktail sauce, but both were very good.  The Snyders own a beautiful piece of  land and their house sits on top of a hill that overlooks a lake.  Perfect day for grilling out.

Tonight, we are making vegetarian red beans and brown rice, Louisiana-style just minus the andouille sausage.  It was a vegan recipe but Publix didn’t carry any vegan Worcestershire sauce (what are they thinking!) so we are going with the normal stuff.  I didn’t even realize until the recipe called for vegan Worcestershire that it has anchovies in it, making it not vegan or vegetarian.  It crossed my mind to make some collard greens but maybe we’ll just have to save that for another day…

[Anchovies are people too!]




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