98.9 WMMO Acoustic Showcase

This past Friday night, I performed as one of three artists for the 98.9 WMMO Acoustic Showcase.  The event took place at The Abbey, a new venue in Downtown Orlando.  I shared the stage with two other artists Kyle Cox/Sarahbeth Wesley and Jimi Kill.

At the end of the evening, the WMMO staff picked the artist of the night based on votes, performance, stage presence and audience participation.  The selected artist gets to have their music played on the air during the Sunday Morning Acoustic Show.  When we arrived, the WMMO staff was very friendly and supportive.  I appreciated that it was super laid back.

Normally I don’t get nervous before shows but this one made me nervous for some reason.  Maybe it’s the whole idea of being judged?  I definitely got cottonmouth before we went out on stage.

However, once John and I plugged our instruments in and began to play, I immediately felt at ease.  We played a 30 minute set and I had so much fun!  It helped that the sound system was amazing and I could hear everything and immediately felt relaxed while playing.

At the end of the evening, Jay from 98.9 WMMO invited us onstage and announced the winner of the evening.  The crazy thing?  We won!

Here are some photos from the evening:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be posting more videos to come but for now here are links to two of the songs of the night “Us” and “Paper Hearts.”


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