Gig Adventures

I started this evening with grand notions of blogging and uploading pictures of my three shows this past weekend.  Now I’m too tired to think.  Here’s the short version.

John and I performed three shows in two days.  Here is the breakdown:

Friday night, 7:30p.m.  Sleeping Moon Cafe – Wonderful little coffeeshop in Winter Park, serving 12 kinds of paninis.  An actual stage!  (That almost never happens).  However, cables were bad and there was no back-up so John had to sing unplugged.  Regardless, it was a pleasure to play.  Our newlywed friends Dale and Olya showed up late, so we did two extra unplugged songs especially for them.

Saturday, 12-2pm, Courtesy Acura/98.9WMMO – We played this event at the Acura dealership in Sanford.  Always a pleasure to hang with the folks of WMMO.  I finally was able to play “Red Flag” without messing up the lyrics.  We also debuted our ukulele version of “Don’t Stop Believin’.”  It’s a little strange to play that song without an electric guitar.  We played for two hours and Chianti’s treated us to free penne pasta, garlic knots and tiramisu.

Saturday, 8:45pm, Delandapalooza – This gig was a pleasant surprise, much cooler than I was anticipating, despite all the technical problems.  Deland actually has a pretty cool music scene.  28 stages for hundreds of bands playing all day long!  We played on an outdoor stage in front of a water fountain and underneath a clanging clock that chimed loudly every half hour.  John thought the Doc from Back to the Future was going to appear any moment.  I love how supportive Deland folks are for original music and singer/songwriters.  I would love to go back and play there again sometime although we definitely need to bring plenty of back-up sound equipment just in case.  I covered “Time After Time” again.  This is increasingly becoming my favorite cover song we do.

The moral of the story?  Bring back-up sound equipment (DI boxes, XLRs, quarter inch cables, mics, mic stands), no matter how much people insist that they have everything you need.

One thought on “Gig Adventures

  1. I just did a google search for “randomness” because i’m writing an essay on the philosophical fruits of randomness in relationship to culture and ethics – which led me to your blog. We think alike, so I thought I’d share some resources with you which have served to nourish both my intellect and heart. Do with them what you will.

    -Andrew Sawyer

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