Movie[s] in the Park

One of the marvelous things about living in Florida is that you pretty much can be outside all year-long.  John and I have been taking advantage of this by attending “movie-in-the-park” events.

Last month, as part of the Florida Film Festival, the Enzian theater (this fabulous eat-and-dine independent theater in Winter Park) hosted a showing of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  It was great to just hang out outside, enjoy some Kilwin’s fudge and spend time with friends.

For Cinco de Mayo, we went to the Enzian because they were having a showing of Once Upon a Time in Mexico (which I had never seen before).  They were also having $1 tacos and $3 nachos and drink specials so we definitely enjoyed some of that!  I enjoyed watching Once Upon a Time in Mexico… I enjoyed this film much more than the only other Robert Rodriguez movie I had seen (Planet Terror).  It made me want to watch Mask of Zorro.  The Enzian/Eden Bar is quickly becoming my favorite place to hang out on this side of town.  Wish I lived closer…

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