D.C. Day 1 and 2

This past weekend, I traveled with my sister Mim and boyfriend John up to Washington D.c./Virginia to visit my aunt and uncle.  I Instagrammed my way through the weekend and wanted to share some pics.

Our first full day (Saturday), we started the day off with some delicious bread and fresh apple cider, a gift from my aunt’s friend.  John and I knew we were up for some serious carb-consuming this weekend so we decided to off-set this with a game of indoor racquetball.  We were used to playing on an outdoor court so this took a few minutes getting used to it.  It’s definitely a completely different experience playing indoors!

We had some delicious dim sum for an early lunch.  I enjoyed the sticky rice the best!  The meat and rice come wrapped in some  roasted banana leaves (not necessarily edible).  I also enjoyed the steamed pork buns.  I drank about 12 cups of Chinese tea.


After dim sum, we drove to Arlington Cemetery and walked through the grounds.  I had actually never been walking through Arlington Cemetery so this was a new experience for me.

We trekked up the hill to the Amphitheater to watch the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  It was a solemn affair.  I was impressed with the rigidity and discipline of the army guys guarding the tomb with a bayonet rifle.

We also visited JFK and Jackie Kennedy’s grave site.  There was an Illuminati-like eternal flame guarding each of their grave markers.  John shrugged and said any symbol could be Illuminati.  It was like being in a Dan Brown novel.


I was impressed that a Democrat uttered the words “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  I wish people still talked like this.

Next up–a trip to the famous Georgetown Cupcake in Georgetown.  This has become a tradition with my sister every time we travel to D.C. We stand in line for a good 20-30 minutes just to take home a box or two of these delectable cupcakes.  The seasonal cupcakes were pumpkin spice and maple crunch (my favorite!  It tastes like pancakes).  Here are some shots of Georgetown Cupcake.


We went home to enjoy some home cooked Filipino food (leftover to-kwa (probably not spelling that right), adobo, sliced beef and pork stew).  Later that night, we drove to the National Harbor.  It reminded me of Darling Harbour in Sydney!  Lots of lights and beautiful to look at on the water.  I was also pleased to discover that D.C. is just about the only place in America where you can eat at Nando’s!  We ate at Nando’s a lot in Australia and I missed that peri-peri sauce…

We spent some time enjoying some music at Bobby McKey’s piano bar.  It was a little nuts in there… Apparently the place gets frequently booked out for bachelorette parties so it kind of felt like one gigantic sorority/frat party.  But.  Very enjoyable. I liked the one pianist who looked like Jim Gaffigan.


I will be blogging about the rest of the weekend in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned…


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