My Crooked Spoon review

Since posting the below picture on Instagram last week, several people have independently texted me to ask me what I thought about The Crooked Spoon, a recent addition to  Clermont’s culinary scene.  I figure I’d save you all the trouble and post my thoughts on the new restaurant.

I had eagerly anticipated the opening this food truck-turned-gourmet gastropub.  Home of the famous “Luther burger”–one juicy hamburger patty sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts (check out for more…’Merica!)–I was curious to see what the now-stationary, rent-paying food truck would offer.


The ambience was pleasant.  It did remind me of the scene in the film “The World’s End” when Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and the gang head to Pub # 2, only to realize it is an exact carbon copy of Pub #1.  The pair lament that the pub scene has been “Starbucked”, or succumbed to the over-franchising of corporate America.  I don’t mean this is a dig;  it did look exactly as a “Starbucked” modern pub would but pleasantly so, with dark mahogany wood bar, wine glasses hanging from the ceiling, chalkboard with brightly colored menu specials and even an solo singer/songwriter busking in the corner.  The restaurant was absolutely frigid (even by Floridian A/C standards) so I recommend bringing a cardigan if you’re going to eat inside.

John ordered the lamb burger and I ordered the 420 Burger.  John’s burger was a patty of ground lamb topped with tzaziki sauce and a delightful mint pesto.  The 420 burger featured melted Swiss cheese, candied bacon and a pineapple relish.  Both were served on a toasted brioche bun with a side of homemade kettle chips.  We also ordered a side of roasted Brussel sprouts and potatoes to split.   I had a bite of the lamb burger and devoured my 420 burger.  Both were delicious and very different from one another.  The size of the patty seemed underwhelming when compared to the size of the bun, but overall the burgers were tasty.  The Brussel sprouts were mediocre and definitely overpriced ($6 for essentially 4 tiny Brussel sprouts with some potatoes and mushrooms).  I can’t help compare to Big Wheel’s mouthwatering Vanderbilt Brussel sprouts and The Crooked Spoon’s doesn’t even come close.  Also, the 420 burger already cost $12 and then they upcharge an additional $3 to add truffle fries.  Translation = $15 for a burger and fries.  By contrast, The Ravenous Pig’s insanely mouthwatering Pub Burger costs $13 and they include truffle fries.

You do the math.

Overall, I would say the burgers were good but definitely overpriced.  The Brussel sprouts were definitely not worth the money we paid for them.  I would be interested to go back and try more appetizers and entrees.  I really want The Crooked Spoon to succeed because I am pulling for Clermont to have a more diverse culinary scene, but unless they either lower their prices or increase the quality and presentation of their food, I don’t think the restaurant will last.

I give it 2 1/4 stars out of 4.


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