My Favorite Podcasts (Part One)*

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite podcasts I have been listening to lately.  Some of these include podcasts I’ve only started listening to in the past few months; others are longtime favorites.

I really do love podcasts. If nothing else, they help make long drives (or runs!) seem short.

If you’re interested in checking any of these podcasts, I’ve linked each of the titles to the websites where you can listen to them online. You can also search for them using any podcast app (I use the Podcast app by Apple).  Here they are, in no particular order.
If you know me well, you know I only have favorite realms of things, not actual favorites. Anyway.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

*(This post ended up being longer than I was anticipating, so I will post the other remaining podcasts in a forthcoming blog post).

Radiolab is probably the first real podcast I listened to on a regular basis.  Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, this podcast explores the science of the mind.  Delving into a diverse (and random) range of topics like time, personalities of cities, parallel universes and color, the hosts thoughtfully and creatively weave a narrative of the world around us and how our minds interact with it on an emotional, physical and cellular level.

Favorite past episodes include those on Memory and ForgettingMultiverses and Choice.  The podcast used to do full 50-minute segments; however, recently they’ve opted to do more concise “Shorts.”  Both forms are equally interesting and conveniently tailored to how much time you have to spare. The hosts are delightfully nerdy and their genuine interest in each subject is the heart of what makes this podcast so compelling to me.

The Nerdist
This podcast is a fantastic outlet for people to simply geek out about whatever they want to.  Host Chris Hardwick describes the show best: It’s all “about what it really means to be a nerd.”  Whether it’s sci-fi, comic books, food, travel or even sports, Hardwick lets his guests have free rein and discuss whatever they happen to be interested in.  Hardwick keeps it relaxed and funny.  It in fact is probably the prime example of what this blog is all about–“randomly ruminating.”

I am realizing that The Nerdist podcast has been around for several years now, but I only got into it recently as recommended by my husband.  I also enjoy Chris Hardwick from his work on Talking Dead, the after-show where we go to process the trauma that is the Walking Dead, generally freak out about what just happened on the previously aired episode, and endlessly speculate about what may happen in future episodes.  I also got into this podcast because he has hosted hour-long segments with Game of Thrones peeps, including Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and author George R. R. Martin.  He also interviews intriguing people like Anthony Bourdain, Jim Gaffigan, B.J. Novak, Harrison Ford, and Daniel Radcliffe. I love this podcast because Hardwick interviews people I genuinely find interesting and they don’t have the same “press/media circuit/PR-infused” tone to their answers. The podcast gives you a glimpse of what it really might be like to grab coffee or a drink with any one of these actors, authors and media personalities.  It’s a really good time.

Coffee with Chris
Christine Caine–author, preacher and founder of A21 (a non-profit working against human trafficking)–hosts this podcast.  It’s designed to be a short foray (and I mean short–usually no more than 17-20 minutes) into the topic of the day, as prescribed by her producer Bianca.  One of the best podcasts in recent memory was when she discussed “The Art of Decluttering.” Chistine Caine imagines this podcast to be a quick catch-up over a cup of coffee (what she calls “having a chat”).  I love that Chris Caine takes the time to do this, amidst her incredibly busy schedule of traveling, speaking and writing all over the globe.

Ever since I heard her speak in Sydney, Australia five years ago at Hillsong Church, I have really come to see Christine as one of my “faraway mentors” whom I follow from afar.  She has incredibly valuable insight into church leadership and ministry that has been encouraging, inspiring and helpful to me, especially over the past 1-2 years. Personally, I have always found it a challenge to find strong women mentors and it is refreshing to witness Christine pursuing her ministry calling so fiercely and effectively. She is on the frontline when it comes to advocating for victims of human trafficking.

What podcasts are you guys listening to?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Podcasts (Part One)*

  1. Wait wait, Don’t Tell Me – I haven’t missed a week in right years!
    Alton Brown cast – he is a fantastic interviewer. If you see the archives back to the third episode or so, the interview with Giada Delarentiis could be a study in how to interview.
    Startalk – Neil degrass Tyson
    Relavent – I go in spurts. A bit too late twenties hipster white Christian guy for me but good content. Plus some of the hosts are my friends and it’s nice to hear their voices
    ….and….The Piano Puzzler! – if you are not listening to it you should. You would love it.

    And that is how I get through a week of running with a bit of music thrown in

    • I catch Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me every now and then… Very enjoyable.

      I’ll have to check the Alton Brown one out! Gotta love the foodies.

      Relevant – I love Relevant, but I find that I always have to fast forward through the first 45 minutes of their podcasts. It sometimes seems like one long inside joke that I don’t get. Which is disappointing because usually the guests/topics seem very interesting from the title alone. Also, I have a hard time keeping track of who’s talking which can be a podcast pet peeve of mine. Maybe I need to give them another try…

      Definitely have never heard of the Piano Puzzler. Will check that one out!

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