My Favorite Podcasts (Part Two…mostly Game of Thrones)

This post is a follow-up to my recent blog post “My Favorite Podcasts (Part One).”  

My other favorites are Game of Thrones podcasts, so I figured I would dedicate this post to those faves.

A Cast of Kings
A recent favorite podcast of mine is A Cast of Kings.  The hosts are David Chen of and Joanna Robinson, an entertainment writer for  As they announce at the start of each podcast episode, Dave has never read any of the books from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, whilst Joanna has read every book in the series. The podcast includes no book spoilers, but they do spoil everything up to the most recently aired episode of Game of Thrones.  When I started listening to the podcast at the start of this season, I had not actually gotten caught up on all of the books.  Now, toward the end of Season 4, I HAVE gotten caught up with all of the books.  This podcast was actually one of the many factors playing into my decision to finish the book series ahead of the TV series.  It’s interesting to get the perspective of someone who has only seen the show, to temper that with the insight of someone who has read all the books.  

The best thing about this podcast is the fan interactions.  They really do read as many of the tweets and emails that listeners send and actually respond to a few of them on the podcast, which can be fun. I appreciate that they are open to feedback, criticism and observations by the podcast community in general.  Dave and Joanna are incredibly gracious as podcasters so that makes the listening a positive experience.  I usually don’t agree with Dave’s opinions, but Joanna is there to balance everything out and at the end of the day it’s a thoughtful, insightful discussion.  

Game of Owns
This is another Game of Thrones podcast that I enjoy. I honestly couldn’t tell you the names of the hosts, but this tends to be more entertaining.  A couple of the podcasters have read the books and retain crazy details like the sigils and histories of obscure houses on Game of Thrones (or maybe they’ve just done their research?). I usually learn something new or something that I might have forgotten from having read the books so quickly.  I think they tend to be a little less nitpicky than A Cast of Kings which is also refreshing.

Basically, it’s fun to geek out about Game of Thrones with other listeners.  I love learning things I might have missed the first time through an episode, and also enjoy hearing about people’s reactions and theories about how the show might go down.  


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