Confessions of a Comic Book Novice

What better way to close out a weekend of following San Diego Comic Con 2015 from afar (via the likes of Twitter, Periscope and the general Internets) than by purchasing some Marvel comic books?  Cody and Andy from Heroes @ Podcast invited me and my good friend Oscar of Drastudio onboard for their upcoming Comic Con episode, which is scheduled to drop on Wednesday.

Until then, I thought I’d share thoughts/reactions on comic books I picked up:

IMG_5046.JPGDarth Vader
I picked up Issue #7 of the latest Star Wars: Darth Vader comic book, in which Darth Vader returns to his home planet of Tatooine.  Marvel has been releasing a series of comic books which take place between the events of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  I have been reading the “Star Wars” comics which follow the adventures of Luke, Han and Leia in the aftermath of the Death Star being destroyed in Episode IV.  I have also picked up the “Darth Vader” series which follows Darth Vader hot on the trail as he seeks to learn the identity of this mysterious rebel pilot who blew up the Death Star.  He does not yet know the identity of this rebel pilot, nor that he fathered a son.  Though I prefer Luke, Han and Leia’s storyline more than the Darth Vader storyline, both series are great fun for anyone who loves the Star Wars Universe and the series fills in a lot of the significant time gap between Episode IV and V.

I’m still waiting to see how Han, Luke and Leia ultimately end up on Hoth, so I’m looking forward to that plot line!

Marvel Zombies
Thors and Marvel Zombies are my first foray into the Secret Wars: Battleworld comics.  I read Issue #1 of Secret Wars, but was a little overwhelmed at where to go next (so many options!).  I love Marvel and zombies so, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this combo!  Marvel Zombies features Elsa Bloodstone, a character that I had never heard of before.  She’s a feisty zombie slayer with a penchant for brewed hot tea.  And she also wears a choker with a gem that gives her some kind of special power.  She encounters a young amnesiac child (whose visual look and style reminds me of young Egg from the Game of Thrones: The Hedge Knight).  She fights this bloodthirsty Red Terror creature, later stumbling upon an entire horde of zombies.  The fun in this one for me was not so much the zombie landscape, but Elsa’s personality and sass. I’m looking forward to reading later issues!

This was probably my favorite one of these three comics.  It features Thor’s Corps, a small army of Thors as homicide detectives, led by regular Thor and Beta Ray Bill.  They are tasked with solving a recent string of murders in different worlds. There is even a Thor Groot that only says “I am Thor!” (how fun is that??)  It’s got every detective cliche (dames, dirty bars and puzzling murders), but in the most enjoyable way.  I love a good hardboiled detective noir story (Brick, anyone?) and mashing that genre up with Marvel’s Thor is a delightful combo.

Currently reading: I recently started Volume 1 of Saga (Image Comic’s crazy epic space opera/fantasy) and also The Long Halloween (DC Batman comic).  I’m still trying to decipher the DNA of the Saga world (there are aliens with TVs for heads, rampant racism between the aliens with wings vs. the aliens with ram horns on their head… Trippy? Yes).  The Long Halloween seems reminiscent of Dark Knight Rises.  I was told that this particular comic is one of a handful Batman comics which inspired Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.  Harvey Dent has already made an appearance.  Time will only tell if Bane shows up on Wall Street.

Any comics fans out there?  What are YOU reading these days?

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Comic Book Novice

  1. I like these currently reading blogs (even though I don’t know the first thing about comics)! My first comic book ever might be female Thor. Also my halloween outfit… (Ozzie is going to be the Hulk, Walt – Captain America)

  2. Have you picked up an issue of the Lady Thor comic yet? That’s next on my list.

    Those costumes sound FANTASTIC. Love the idea of a baby Hulk. Adorable. Can’t wait to see photos!

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