Bonus Last of Us Blog: Rules for Survival (any level!)


John and I bought his sister The Last of Us for her birthday so she could play on her PS3.  We’ve been texting her advice on how to get through certain sections so I thought I’d share.  These rules are helpful for any level Easy, Normal, Hard, Survivor or Grounded. Fun for all ages.  Yay! (This is also for @the_codybear)

Rule #1 
Getting a good running start will add more power to your punches.  ESPECIALLY if you have a brick or bottle.  You can usually knock out a Runner fairly easily if you get a running start.

Rule #2
Always save a Molotov cocktail for the Bloaters (zombie Shrek, as @MovieJenna likes to call them).  A Molotov plus a couple shotgun blows or a nail bomb should do the trick.

Rule #3
Lost?  You can get lost or turned around fairly easily in the post-apocalypse.  When in doubt, head for the flaming garbage cans.  It’s a maze out there!  Garbage cans on fire will always light the way to the nearest exit or the next objective.

Rule #4
Invest in shivs.  It can be a pain to collect the blades and binding you need, but anytime you pass a “shiv only” door, the room is usually chock full of ammo and other supplies.  It’s worth giving up a shiv to get the goodies behind the locked door.

Rule #5
Run away!  Unless you’re locked in a gym with a Bloater and have no choice but to defeat him to get to the next objective, 9 times out of 10 you can usually run away to get away from trouble.  Some of the hardest levels become suddenly easier if you just simply run away (or run straight through it).


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