Who did Negan kill?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale left most people tense, frustrated and angry that we got cheated out of seeing who new Big Bad Negan offed in the last seconds of the episode entitled “Last Day on Earth.” Many have claimed that The Walking Dead showrunners and writers may not even have decided as of yet who Negan ultimately kills (with a barb-wired baseball bat named Lucille), and will let the Twitterverse, thinkpieces and Walking Dead fan universe rant and rave first and then when the dust has settled down, get down to the serious business of actually planning out and writing who dies and which actor is out of a job.

I for one do believe they have already decided on who has been killed off. And I do believe the Negan’s dialgoue in the last few minutes of the episode gives us some hints as to who he did NOT kill, if not who he did, after a sadistic game of “Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo.”

1) “Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father. And then we’ll start.”


When Negan utters this line standing in front of his victim, I think this dialogue pretty much confirms that Carl and Rick are safe. I’m not merely saying this based on what happens in the comics, but he seems to be referring to “the boy” and “his father” as if he is not standing right in front of either Carl or Rick.  Also there’s no way they would kill Rick off this show, at least not for now.

2) “You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.”
This is the one piece of dialogue that Negan gives at the end which I don’t believe reveals much of anything.  Unfortunately.

3) “Oh-ho! Look at that. Taking it like a champ!”
I believe this immediately means all the women are safe. Now before you accuse me of being reverse sexist, stay with me for a minute. Can you honestly say you can see Negan saying “Taking it like a champ!” about Rosita, Sasha, Michonne or Maggie for that matter? Maggie is already a mess and probably delirious from whatever is going on with her pregnancy complication. We know that Rosita, Sasha, Michonne and Maggie are tough as guts but Negan doesn’t know that necessarily.  That would be an appropriate response to them if he knew them in advance and what they were capable of.   However, none of them (with the exception of maybe Michonne) looks particularly physically imposing at first glance.   If his victim is indeed a woman, doesn’t that line “Taking it like a champ!” seem like it doesn’t fit?   Which leads me to also eliminate…

4) Glenn. If you pay attention to his entire demeanor in this scene, Glenn is almost completely broken. He feels powerless but even tries to fight back which gets him a warning from Negan. I honestly believe Glenn is so panicked and bewildered and focused on Maggie at this point that he wouldn’t have the constitution or stamina to “take it like a champ.” I also think that “You can breathe, you can blink” line might have been directed at him when Negan looks around at the victims during the POV shot.  However, there are a few that do fit the bill as possibly having the constituation/physical presence to indeed “take it like a champ.” There’s also the unforgivable fakeout scene earlier in the season where we thought Glenn died but was in fact hiding under a dumpster for 3 episodes.  Which leads me to believe that Negan’s final victim could be…

4)   Either Aaron, Eugene, Daryl or Abraham. Now let me pause for a second that all of this process of elimination is based on complete conjecture based on what I know. I am definitely Vizzini-ing this situation…


I think AMC is too invested in Daryl and his branding for the franchise. As much as I think it would be an amazing payoff for AMC to actually eliminate one of their core characters through a brutal death, I doubt that AMC has the balls (pardon my French) to actually off Daryl from the series.  Daryl is far too integrated with the brand of this franchise. I also still think Daryl is going to be the one to eventually kill Dwight. We need a mano-a-mano fight between those two for any sense of their Season 6 storyline to pay off.

Even with the confirmation that he will be starring in a reality series “Ride with Norman Reedus,” I still think it’s plausible for him to juggle filming two different television series since the reality show is a 6 episode installment.

5) I do think whoever dies has to carry some kind of emotional weight for the group, which I don’t think Aaron fulfills. As much as I enjoy this character and appreciate what he did for the group (he believed in them enough to recruit them to their now-safe haven of Alexandria), I don’t think his death will carry the same weight as, say…

6) Eugene or Abraham?  I want to eliminate Eugene because I need to believe a part of their plan for eventually (hopefully) defeating the Saviors means he will actually be the one to get the ammunition factory up and running.  Even though he did give Rick a schematic/formula on how to make bullets, I still think he might survive even after he already had a heartfelt goodbye with Abraham.  Which leaves…

7) Abraham.  I think they rushed this romance storyline with Sasha precisely because the writers were always funneling Abraham to his doom.  Even the line about him possibly having kids with Sasha was a glimmer of hope.  And we all know, this show loves to dash our hopes and dreams whenever it can.  Also, to really put the fear of God into the hearts of our crew, Negan would be smart to take down the biggest dude they have as a show of power and control.  I think Abraham’s death would create interesting drive for Rick, Rosita and Sasha in particular.  Abraham is not as daring a choice as Daryl but not as meaningless as Aaron’s death would be.

8) Or could it be Glenn after all?  Listen to the audio one more time.  Is it me or is Glenn saying “Maggie” like he’s dying at 1:27?


So maybe that’s Maggie screaming and they killed Glenn after all.

There you are… My thoughts on who Negan bludgeoned to death with Lucille… Probably either Glenn or Abraham.

Who do YOU think Negan killed?


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