Good Friday, 2018

“God is to be found in all things, even and most especially in the painful, tragic, and sinful things, exactly where we do not want to look for God. The crucifixion of the God-Man is at the same moment the worst thing in human history and the best thing in human history.

Human existence is neither perfectly consistent (as rational and controlling needy people usually demand it be), nor is it incoherent chaos (what cynics, agnostics and unaware people expect it to be); instead, human life has a cruciform pattern. It is a “coincidence of opposites” (St. Bonaventure), a collision of cross-purposes; we are all filled with contradictions needing to be reconciled.

The price we pay for holding together these opposites is always some form of crucifixion.

Jesus himself was crucified between a good thief and bad thief, hanging between heaven and earth, holding onto his humanity and his divinity…True life comes only through journeys of death and rebirth wherein we learn who God is for us. Letting go is the nature of all true spiritually and transformation, summed up in the mythic phrase: ‘Christ is dying. Christ is risen. Christ will ever come again.’”

Richard Rohr

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