Back to My First Blog Love: Dexter

So many of you know that from the days of Yore (and Yore was a very important era in colonial America, as Rachel Green would attest to), I used to provide frequent, in-depth analyses of episodes of Dexter. Seasons 1 and 2 miraculously unlocked the floodgates of inspiration and I took great pleasure in dissecting […]

Dexter again

So I know I am going a tad blog-happy today. BUT. I had some more thoughts regarding Dexter that I did not comprehensively explore in my previous blog. I mentioned in a previous blog entry how the Seasons 1-3 compare: Season 1 focused on Dexter the Monster and how he came to be. Season 2 […]

Dexter, Status, etc.

1) So I fixed Google Analytics on my blogger page this week. What can I say, I like to stalk you people who stalk my blog and don’t leave comments;) I think the new layout helped with the HTML code problem I was having. So I hope you enjoy the new layout (I will continue […]

Dexter blog revived

After a long hiatus from blogging about anything Dexter-related, I am resuming. To be honest, I had been more or less disappointed with Season 3 thus far. I should know by now that the whole structure of a Dexter season is about 66% plot set up and about 33% pay off. The problem is, with […]

Dex and Icey: mimetic rivalry?

Preface: Again this is one of those blogs, where if you haven’t seen Season 1 of Dexter, you really shouldn’t read this anyway. I mean you should… but only AFTER you watch Season 1. Seriously, go away. Go watch it right now. And then you can earn the right to read this blog. I mean, […]

relentless Dexter blogging (please pass Go and collect $200 if you do not watch/care about this show;)… b/c this entry will bore you to tears.

So last night I finally finished Season 2 of Dexter. And I honestly can’t quite pin down which season I liked more. I liked each season for different reasons. I felt like the writing of the actual dialogue and structure of the show was more inventive and unpredictable in the second season, but the plot […]

Dexter: the conclusion to my Season 1 saga

Please do NOT read below if you haven’t watched Dexter. It’ll just ruin it. I mean it! Stop reading. You think I’m joking… I’m not. STOP. If you haven’t watched Dexter and you’re still reading this, our friendship is now in jeopardy and my respect for you as a person has significantly diminished. Just puttin’ […]

more Dexter… (spoiler alert)

Episode 1.10: “Seeing Red” Oh no. The episode is called “Seeing Red?” It MUST be the crazy, bloody room scene from the preview. Ewwwww…. So I was eating a burrito when this episode started and in anticipation of a bloody room, I had to put the burrito down. Room 103. Is. Horrrrriffic. SICK. Okay, it’s […]