Sci-Fi Kick

John and I watched Interstellar on opening weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed and want to go back and watch it on IMAX, since it will likely be the last major feature film ever to be filmed on IMAX. While it’s certainly not a flawless movie (personally not a fan of Anne Hathaway’s acting), the visuals and […]

Begin Again: my movie review

My sister’s birthday was yesterday. After a marvelous brunch at Cask and Larder, she decided she wanted to see the new movie “Begin Again,” starring Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley and Adam Levine. It was written and directed by John Carney, the same man behind “Once.”  In fact, some people had been describing “Begin Again” as […]


I like movies that get under my skin.  That make me think.  The ones that make me actually forget I’m watching some cinematic creation and I swallow the story–world, characters and all–like one gigantic pill. Gone, Baby, Gone was brilliant because it achieved something quite astounding for someone (Ben Affleck) on their directorial debut:  it successfully […]