Heroes & Podcast / San Diego Comic Con 2015

This past weekend, my friend Oscar of drastudio and I were special guests on the Heroes & podcast.  We joined our friends and hosts Andy and Cody in their discussion of all things San Diego Comic Con 2015.  We hit Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Arrow, Flash, Star Wars Episode VII, Deadpool, X-Men, a lively discussion […]

My Mega Movie Weekend

I had the rare occasion of being completely off of work this past weekend, a rare occurrence in the church ministry world.  Coincidentally, the annual Florida Film Festival was in full swing, filling out the Enzian (local independent art house cinema) and the local Regal Cinemas with independent films, documentary, short films and animated films.  I […]

Sci-Fi Kick

John and I watched Interstellar on opening weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed and want to go back and watch it on IMAX, since it will likely be the last major feature film ever to be filmed on IMAX. While it’s certainly not a flawless movie (personally not a fan of Anne Hathaway’s acting), the visuals and […]

My Summer of Movies

I just went back and tried to think of every single movie I’ve seen in the theater since May. It’s certainly been a crazy summer for movies. ExpelledPrince Caspian (2x)Indiana Jones 4 (2x)Iron ManSex and the CityKung Fu PandaThe HappeningWantedGet SmartHancockThe Dark Knight (1 in IMAX, 1 in regular)The X-Files MoviePineapple ExpressThe Incredible Hulk This […]


I like movies that get under my skin.  That make me think.  The ones that make me actually forget I’m watching some cinematic creation and I swallow the story–world, characters and all–like one gigantic pill. Gone, Baby, Gone was brilliant because it achieved something quite astounding for someone (Ben Affleck) on their directorial debut:  it successfully […]