portrait of the artist by an easel

First, blank. With all the pure visionof the glory self in minda far-off, luminous sightNow, shrouded and mysteriousby an eternal, ephemeral cloud bank Creation begins. A singularityA kissA brushstroke. Then, with pure and tentative movementsYou, slowly and deliberatelyPour Your colors deep into me Every earthen fiber and golden sunriseI breathe in Your breathstill gaspingthroughrough edges […]

the wind on the water (part ii)

This is disconcerting. This unraveling of self. Like ribbons unwindingIntertwinedin an unpredictable windHow instantly currents of airRipple through usChanging us. I read of desert windsthat rape and mar the landthe harmattan of the Saharathe aajej of Moroccoand dust storms that conquer menand the knives they unsheath and I read ofsecret winds,untamed windsunnamed winds This, here […]


I’ve been contemplating a lot the divorce that so often occurs in our culture between the heart and the head. So many times we use our logic to unravel complexities of faith, life, theology. It is so easy in our culture to comfortably analyze and blog and spit out information and Scripture and arguments that […]

weather report

latelymoments seem sweetercolors, sharper and more vividlaughter, more heady and pureand Time, far more precious like rare drops of rainfalling soft and pureupon the lonely, cracked earthmy thirsty soul revels in the delugeand i amdrenched in lovein songin artin complete and utterJOY. these tiny treasuresspill and splash upon my facesoaking, enthralling my spirit rejuvenation. quick, […]

on prayer: troupe

we are quite the act, you and i. a dancea tangoa messy, freeing entanglementof arms and legsof hipsof breathof movement your hand upon mineand upon the small of my backwhilerhythm and passionintertwineand i lose controlover and overand underand beneathfervent summer nights we inherit the riskand the whirlwindwhile we shimmer togetherdrunk with winewith wordswith intimacy the […]