Enneagram & The Road Back to You

If we’ve talked in the past two months, chances are I’ve brought up the Enneagram, a personality typing system based on 9 archetypes. I’m completely fascinated with personality typing systems (Myers-Briggs, DISC, heck even “which Harry Potter house are you?”–and yes I signed up for Pottermore when it launched and am a proud Ravenclaw). I’ve […]

Lessons From Thomas (not Tim) Keller

On our recent honeymoon, my husband John and I vacationed in beautiful Napa, California.  Wine country in the fall is absolutely gorgeous, with golden seas of vineyards at every turn.  All week long, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, good wine and delicious food. Thanks to our good friends Mitch and Jayci, on our last evening […]

“It’s Just Semantics”//a rant about church and the words we use.

Two years ago, I joined staff at a church that is largely run by administrators and technical people, pragmatists who often operate largely on logic and “what works.”  The actual church congregation consists of all kinds of people, but primarily young working class families with simple tastes. As a result, I’ve noticed that there is […]