Things I Learned on a Media Fast

Our church recently took part in a collective “media fast” to kick off the New Year.  The challenge for the week was to give up various forms of digital and/or social media that tend to take up significant chunks of our time.  “Media” could include television, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iPhone game apps, etc.  The […]

Batman, Chik-Fil-A, Muppets and Love

Several years ago, I read the book “I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning” by French literary critic Rene Girard.  Girard has a fascinating theory that human beings learn desire by imitation.  In a recent Gospel Coalition article, Joe Carter explains this concept this way:  “Just as an infant learns to speak by imitating the language […]

Active vs. Contemplative

This morning, I read an excellent blog by Dr. Chuck deGroat, entitled “so you think you can dance?”.  He has started a series on relationship, community and mission.  I’ve found that there are two online sources for me that consistently (and weirdly) always align with where I happen to be spiritually whenever I sporadically check […]