Enneagram & The Road Back to You

If we’ve talked in the past two months, chances are I’ve brought up the Enneagram, a personality typing system based on 9 archetypes. I’m completely fascinated with personality typing systems (Myers-Briggs, DISC, heck even “which Harry Potter house are you?”–and yes I signed up for Pottermore when it launched and am a proud Ravenclaw). I’ve […]

My Apology From the Basement

My friend Kate recently posted a blog entitled “Plato ruins your friendships.”  In it, she explores the ideas of relationships and how our idea of love is often no more than emotional or mental attraction to certain people or things.  We “love” someone or something, so long as it gives us the satisfaction, pleasure or […]

Active vs. Contemplative

This morning, I read an excellent blog by Dr. Chuck deGroat, entitled “so you think you can dance?”.  He has started a series on relationship, community and mission.  I’ve found that there are two online sources for me that consistently (and weirdly) always align with where I happen to be spiritually whenever I sporadically check […]